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​Johnson's Cleaning Service Inc. is family owned and operated by the Weinand family. The headquarters is located in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Johnson's Cleaning has been serving Volusia and Central Florida since 1985 and was incorporated in 1996. Let our almost 40 years of knowledge and experience work for you.


We are family oriented and driven so we treat every employee and customer as family. Our engaged cleaning employees are background checked and motivated. Our cleaners go through extensive training and have many ongoing hours of training for quality and safety to ensure that we give you top quality every time your facility is cleaned.


​All our management team comes with 10+ years in the cleaning industry. They provide all our customers with great customer service, 24/7 support, product & cleaning knowledge, a trained eye to see things that are missed, and the ability to make things right!​


You are not just a number to us! You are the difference between our success and our failure!

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